The Life of a Young Influencer in Singapore (Q&A)

The Life of a Young Influencer in Singapore (Q&A)

Recently I was approached and interviewed by my dear friend for one of her module. It is about the life of a young influencer here in Singapore. Wow to be honest i don’t see myself as an influencer but nevertheless I’m really grateful that I’ve made an impact and a difference to your life! I’m so thankful for all of you out there for this opportunity. Okay so let’s read on the Q&A to know more!

Q. State your full name, age, occupation
A. Hello! I’m Siti Nur Habibah but you can call me Siti! Ahahahah I’m actually 19 this year, yup that’s right! I’m actually in the mist of going to back school next year, God’s Will. So in the meantime I call myself a full-time housewife ahahaha. But that’s not the only job I do. I’m too a Blogger and Freelance Modest Model. Ya, I must say I’m one busy lady.

Q. What is a day in your life like?
A. A normal day you mean? Well, it’ll be just me and my little family at home, spending time together. I mean it’s really hard to be out and about every single day with a baby. Since my baby girl is still learning to crawl and stand, it’s really a perfect moment to be there with her and just watch her grow! Ouh you know how fast time flies right? Yup, I do not want to miss those small precious memories of her. But let’s say if there’s an event or photo shoot that I need to attend, I’d bring my daughter along with me or else I’d leave her with my husband.

Q. Are you a fan of routine? Why?
A. Well, I’d say that I’m not a fan of routine but everything that I do is a routine for me. Ahahaha. I don’t really like doing the same thing over and over again but I can’t help it if it’s the same thing I’ll be doing. Let’s say my makeup routine to face wash and even milking my daughter.

Q. What are some of your daily struggles?
A. My daily struggles would be having to balance my 24 hours into blogging, be it on my blog itself or my instagram, my daughter and husband and me time. I find it a hard time especially whenever I’m in a mist of blogging an article or a deadline to meet and my daughter starts cranky up all of a sudden. But it all taught me how to make full use of my time and to treasure it even at its few seconds.

Q. What made you want to become a beauty blogger? How did you start becoming a beauty blogger? Was it easy starting out? What are some of the challenges that you face from becoming a beauty blogger?
A. Wow. Okay so what made me want to become a beauty blogger? Well, it all started to the first day where I noticed how girls back then define beauty. I’m personally not satisfied with how the media portrays it. I mean honestly in my own opinion no one exactly is born tall and lean with a size zero, with smooth and even face complexion. To the media, I’m considered a curvy and thick girl with freckles on my face so obviously that don’t count me a beauty. It’s actually stressing for me to fit in and to be called beautiful. Ahahaha. Well that was a few years back. Ya it wasn’t easy starting out a beauty blog that goes against with what the media portrays. But I’m thankful that I found a few other girls who shared the same view as me. I won’t be sure where I will be if it wasn’t for these girls. My initial goal to start a beauty blog is to cast the message that everyone is beautiful inside out, even without makeup and that makeup is to actually enhance the beauty in one. And the challenge I have to face is the growing trend in makeup. I’d say almost every month there’ll be a new change in the makeup and beauty industry. Be it a new product or method or a change in design, it can be difficult to keep up with it.

Q. Is fame a hard thing to cope with? Are you afraid of fame? Why?
A. Oh My Gosh Yes! Actually it’s 50/50 but still yes! Ahahahah. With the sudden growth in the numbers and contacts and everything! And suddenly I’m known to many people and big names. It’s actually a hard thing to cope with fame all of a sudden but as I get the hang of it, I’d say I’m okay with being in the stage light. The only thing I’m more concerned is that I’m actually more afraid that fame will over-control and take over my life.

Q. What are some of your concerns with fame?
A. There are 2 sides to fame, the positive and negative. Positive fame is good, it bring forward all the new opportunities and experiences for me. The one that I’m concerned is the negative ones. Like I’ve said earlier, I’m more afraid that fame will over-control and take over my life. I have seen too many celebrities and influencers being corrupted and drowned in fame.

Q. What can you learn from other beauty bloggers/social media influencers?
A. 1 tip to take away is that the main point of being a blogger/influencer is to share and inspire a certain change. It’s all about sharing and making a difference to others. That’s 1 impactful lesson I can learn.

Q. Do you think fame can impact and shape a person? Why?
A. Okay I’ll admit. Yes! Fame can actually impact and shape a person, depending on each individual. I mean the feeling of being known and recognized to many people is an amazing feeling, as though you’ve accomplished and achieved your highest goals. That’s the best feeling ever. And while you’re enjoying the fame and soaking under its light, that’s when fame can change or shape you. It’ll make you forget and lost track of who you actually are. My number 1 rule of thumb is to always look back to who you are and how you rise up to fame. That way, you’re sure that fame won’t change you but shape you to be even better!

Q. Who are your blogging/influencing inspirations? Why?
A. Everyone and everything. Yes I mean it, everyone and everything. I find inspirations even at the smallest matter. Ahahahah. Okay aside from that I must say that I’m actually inspired to first blog all thanks to my husband. He used to own a blogging platform and blogged about all things relationships. So, I decided to create a blog account for me to join in with my husband. At first, I was a lifestyle and family blogger for a couple of years before turning myself to a beauty blogger as I am today.

Q. What are some of your favourite beauty brands? Why?
A. I’m honestly a big supporter of Cruelty-Free beauty and cosmetics brands! They’re my most favourite of all! Why cruelty-free products? Well it’s because I really do love cats and rabbits and I obviously do not want any chemicals or toxin to be tested on them. Some brands to name are Becca, Colourpop and NYX!

Q. What are some of your least favourite beauty brands? Why?
A. Well, I’m not exactly sure what’s my least favourite except those brands that tested on animals.

Q. Why do you love makeup & fashion? Do you think that the two things stated above are a form of art?
A. Oh My Gosh I love this question! Yes makeup and fashion goes together hand in hand and as like you’ve state, are a form of art! These are the 2 most favourite topics I love blogging about. It’s like a platform for me to express my personal styles and to embrace them. I must say that it’s truly a form of art where no two works are of the same exact copy, be it in makeup or fashion. And I’m very sure it goes the same to others. It just grows inside me, the love for makeup and fashion. I want to be seen well dressed and a put together styled lady and that is when the makeup comes in. It completes the overall appearance of me.

Q. Why do you think society is so critical of girls wearing makeup?
A. Hmmmm that’s a very interesting topic to talk about. Well my reason would be that since years back, media had taught and showed us how a woman should look like. Till today, the society perceives the females as a certain view. As such, we ladies felt judged with the way we apply our makeup.

Q. Have you ever dealt with criticism and hate comments? If yes, how did you feel? What did you do to get over it?
A. Yes actually. It was heart aching to read them but thankful, the negative comments didn’t come from the locals but from the bigger countries. The criticism and hatred of a rising star didn’t stop me. I mean I’m never gonna let a few hatreds to stop me from doing and continuing what I enjoy. And I’m even more thankful to have my husband to shush them away and to continue supporting me in my journey.

Q. Do you think that there’s a lot of pressure being a beauty blogger? What are some of the pressures?
A. Out of many different blog topics in my honest opinion, I say a beauty blogging is most pressurizing. We’re talking about beauty from makeup to skincare. We also need to understand and respect that a small number of people have a certain allergy reaction to certain ingredients or chemical the product contains. Not only that, we need to be aware that different skin products best suits certain type of skin complexions. That is truly pressurizing for me to blog about.

Q. Have you ever felt like as if you were a small fish in a big pond? Has big name bloggers and influences ever made you feel insecure of starting out in this line?
A. Yes. 100% yes. It felt as though I wasn’t even up to their standards and that made me felt super insecure to start out my blog initially. I mean, they have bigger boarder of knowledge in this field and of course with their years of experiences as a blogger and influencers. And on top of that, they have a much bigger follower base, thus their voices are easily spread as compared to me. So personally to me it’s really challenging for me to keep up and rise up to their standards. But just as a normal human being, we all have to start somewhere right? And it’s through the big names that I slowly start to gain the knowledge and experiences to continue with my blog. Each one of us has been a blogging newbie and its pretty normal you see to learn from each other.

Q. Are the Singaporean bloggers and influencers doing their job well? Why?
A. I must say yes to this. I’ve observed that many bloggers and influencers have this positive goals and agendas that they want to share and spread to everyone. They have influenced and make a difference in other’s life as proved of today.

Q. Are the people around you supportive of your decisions and as your career choice of being a beauty blogger?
A. Yes! My family and friends have been helpful and supportive of me being a beauty blogger. But I know deep down they rather see me as a fashion blogger and model ahahahah. Nevertheless I’m super thankful for them!

Q. How is your family like? Who are you closest to?
A. How’s my family like? Well I must I’m really thankful for their existence ahahaha! Both my husband and daughter must always have something up in their sleeves. They’d be there to fetch me after my events or photo shoots and to spend quality family time. But I’m really grateful to have my husband and my sister. I can’t say who I’m closest to exactly but both my husband and sister are the ones who I’d share my joys and pains to. They, to be honest, are the first two to know any good news from me before I shared it to everyone ahahaha oopss!

Q. As a mother, what would you do to ensure that your child will not take unrealistic body and face standards to heart? What will you do to ensure that she loves herself?
A. Ahahahaha this is a perfect question to ask me! Well, since my daughter is growing up, it’s a good question for me to think about. Well you see, I’ve kept on reminding her that she’s beautiful and attractive. Keep on saying to her that she is beautiful and attractive till she gets old ahahaha. And of course I have to remind her that on one is born perfect and that everyone is beautiful, that way hopefully she won’t take standards to heart. Hopefully ahahaha!

Q. Has it been tough trying to juggle being a mother and a beauty blogger?
A. In the beginning yes, it’s been a tough time to juggle the job of a mother and a beauty blogger. Having to balance my time is very challenging. With that I’ve decided not to blog everyday but alternate days and occasionally, this way I know that I have set aside some quality time for me and my family.

Q. Are you afraid that eventually when you get more followers, your personal life will be shared with a lot of people?
A. To be honest, yes I am. But I’m not afraid about having my personal life being shared; I am more concerned how my families would feel about it. I’m totally alright with living under the limelight and of course that being said; there is a certain limit too. I don’t want any personal information or details to be shared around freely without permission. It’s because I don’t wish to see a random follower of mine to suddenly come in person in front of my other family members and caught them by surprised.

Q. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learnt so far in life?
A. Everyone made mistakes, no one is born perfect. And I’ve come to learn that there’s no time trying to turn back the time to fix the problem. Life is all about moving forward with a positive mindset. The mistakes that I have made before are a lesson for me not to repeat.

Q. Do you have any advice for people who may want to start beauty blogging?
A. Just do it! Our lives are an adventure, we are all meant to go about our life with trying new things. That’s the fun part to it. It’s really a waste if you want to start beauty blogging but you’re afraid of what’s to come. Let me ask you; if I followed my insecurities on the day I wanted to start a blog, would I be here sharing with you my experiences?

The End

Modest Fashion Photoshoot

Modest Fashion Photoshoot

Just as promise, here a collage of the pictures from the recent photo shoot.  I’m terribly sorry for the hold up. Been extremely busy lately! So the location for this photo shoot was at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, both indoor and outdoor. For both shoot, the pictures were taken by the great photographer @_MONOSG!

I’m actually in love with this first photo shoot. The feeling of staying modern yet modest in style while shopping in the heart of the MBS. My extra big love goes to @LuvNaf_SG for the lovely pleated skirt and the stunning statement necklace.

For this last photo shoot, it’s more of the outdoor feel and I’ve decided to style something simple. This babydoll top is from Afrilia’s Closet. The beautiful details on the sleeves made it even more feminine like.

So what’s your thought on this pictures? Let me know in the comment section below!



How to take your Best Selfie

How to take your Best Selfie

Ready for your close up? Put your best face forward with these fool-proof selfie tricks.

06 Jul 15 - SM - How to take your best selfie - Feat

Whether you’re showing off your hot new summer haircut, or pulling a friend into the frame to snap a memorable moment, we’ve been there, done that. And since the term “selfie” has been officially added to the dictionary, taking a selfie has never felt so liberating.

There’s no shame in wanting to look your best. From looking for the best lighting to finding your best angles, pay attention to these fool-proof tricks and capture your best selfie ever!

Look for the best lighting

06 Jul 15 - SM - How to take your best selfie - 1

Have you ever tried taking a selfie using a flash or in a dimly-lit room? One word: unflattering. Having a good light source is important in all sorts of photography, selfies included. Avoid light from the top of your head because it can cast harsh, unflattering shadows on your face. Dark under eye circles made even darker? Nope, no thank you. Make sure that the light source is in front of you and slightly above eye level so that it will accentuate your features with a soft glow.

*Quick tip: Natural light works the best for selfies. Try standing close to a window. It diffuses the natural light which will lighten up and soften your features at the same time.

Set the right scene

06 Jul 15 - SM - How to take your best selfie - 2

Stay away from backgrounds that will take the focus away from the main subject in your picture (which is you) Choose a clean, neat background free from clutter (or photo-bombers). Alternatively, opt for backgrounds that make for an interesting story. No one needs to see that pile of unwashed clothes in your bedroom, but someone might be intrigued by your summer holiday by the beach.

*Quick tip: When looking for a clean, neat background, try a solid colored wall, or place with a patterned or textured consistency.

Observe the rule of thirds

06 Jul 15 - SM - How to take your best selfie - 3

The most basic and well known composition principle in photography, applying the rule of thirds provides a visual balance to a photograph. It means that composing your face slightly towards the four corners of the frame could be more appealing than placing it right smack in the middle. In selfie school, this principle comes in especially handy when you have an interesting background.

*Quick tip: Ensure that your eye line is positioned slightly towards any one of the four corners of the frame for better aesthetic impact.

Find your best angle

06 Jul 15 - SM - How to take your best selfie - 4

Shooting at various angles can dramatically change the way you look in a photo. If you’ve tried taking a selfie from a downward angle, you’d know that finding the best angle is the key! Say goodbye to double chin. Try an eye-level angle for the most natural-looking selfie, or angle your smartphone slightly higher so that your face appears slimmer.

*Quick tip: Extend your neck forward slightly to emphasize your jaw line and eliminate the risk of sporting a double chin.

Use filters to set the mood

06 Jul 15 - SM - How to take your best selfie - 5

Granted, using filters can effectively improve your features and enhance your looks, but filters can also add an interesting element or “story” to your otherwise plain-looking selfie. Choosing the right filter will help us set the tone, mood and message you’d like to portray, and instantly turn us into an airbrush expert. I have no complaints there. Hint: use

*Quick tip: Warm filters are great to give off a sun-kissed summer vibe or for a sans-makeup look to give yourself a glow. Cool filters deliver a more washed-out appearance, and makes for an icy, sleek image.

Do you happened to have any personal tips for the best selfie? Share with me by commenting in the reply section below!

Siti by

Face Model for Sis Yati

Face Model for Sis Yati



Yup, you heard it right! I was appoarched by sis Yati recently to be her face model. Okay a little fun fact: As you all know, majority of the makeup artists work on asignment basis. So what do they do when there’s no new assignments for them? Well,they keep on practicing! To avaoid having rusty, old skills! And here comes the face models! So yup, sis Yati contacted me if I’m alright with having my face dolled up! I mean I said yes of course!

Boy I’m so glad that we crossed path! I managd to learn a few tips from her and share different ides! And best of all the love of makeeup is what bond us together! It felt as though we’ve known each other for long ahaha!

Totally no makeup, just before the makeover 
Okay so that’s how I looked like with totally no makeup at all! My bare face me! ahahaha

It felt good actually. It’s a therapeutic feeling to have someone dolling my face up. Ouh and boy I knew I wasn’t alone when it comes to drawing the eyebrows! Okay except to those with special skills that can be done within a few minutes! Alright anyway take a look at the few pictures below!

So apparently, I’m so used to using liquid based foundation that I’m surprised with how the powder and cream based foundations work! Gosh I’ve learned something new! And unbelievable, the makeup lasts long! Heheheh I just love how pigmented the products that she used! 

Anyways, if you alls have the need for a makeover or just in need of someone to doll you up for any occasions, just hit her up!


#MadeInSG Part II

#MadeInSG Part II

Hello again!

I’m extremely sorry for the holding you alls on the part 2 of #MadeInSG! Having an extra hard time to balance between blogging and family ahhah. My lil girl’s now at her milestone of 6 months and a week old so yup, you know… Okay anyway lets get back to the main point.

So just a little background information, the whole photo shoot session is expected to be from 11 am to 5 pm and I had to be there by 9.30 am for my makeup and fittings. But guess what? Me and hubby reached there at almost 8.30 am! An hour early from my expected timing. so as usual we headed down for just a breakfast for two! Okay anyway lets skip to the make up time!

“Did you alls see my transformations?? I mean OMG I can’t believe that that’s me right there before and after!”

With Sis Yumi

But this is all thanks to sis Yumi for her magic hands! And I must say that she’s the best local makeup artist hands down! Her works, there are all talented and amazing! You can take a look at her Instagram page @yumiayummi ! Trust me when I say that she’s very talented!

And yes! I did manage to snap a picture with her! The makeup artist behind my face! A wife and mummy of 3 boys (and psst she’s expecting a 4th child too!) Gosh, she’s the best! Hehehhe I wish the best for you and your family! and please please ignore my messy hijab!

Okay back to the blog post please ..

One of the shot from #MadeInSG Photo shoot

“So what’s it like to be the model?”

So as you all know, this photo shoot is actually my first photo soot ever! And I’m so proud of myself that I managed to make it to this far! I admit I’m really a newbie in this photo shoot thingy but I’m super grateful to have a lovely team that supports and motivates me all the way! That including the 2 other gorgeous ladies that I’ve gained experiences and exposures from! From posing to standing posture, I’ve watched and learned from the experienced ones! It’s all about stepping out of my comfort zone and just have fun with the camera! Doesn’t matter who’s watching! And most importantly I’ve learnt that in modelling, it doesn’t matter if you’re on the better at right side or left. You have to showcase both sides of you if you want to be the IT!

Okay so anyway let’s start at the top; At first I was feeling extra nervous as I keep having this thought that I’ll screwed something up ahahah or I wouldn’t be able to do a good job. But yet I keep my smile on and with my positive attitude of course!

Since I arrived a bit earlier than expected, I immediately felt welcome! The first model sis Mahirah and the others greeted and welcomed me inside! I must tell you boy I’m so happy that I’ve forgotten about my fear! Even more happy after I had my makeup done by sis Yumi! Boy you alls should have seen me that moment! I kept on fangirling about my makeup throughout the photo shoot! And even afterwards! But anyway my fear came back the minute the photo shoot starts!

You know, I was the first one to model for the piece that I’m wearing. And I thought that I did a good job but gosh I was proved wrong! The other 2 models are actually more experienced than me! From the way the posed to the way they stand or the camera, I was at lost. But I’m so thankful that they didn’t make me feel bad, they taught me and guided me through! Even the photographer let me modeled for the second time hahahah. And you can tell that I enjoyed myself throughout! While modeling, I get to learned new tips and tricks with models Mahirah and Aysha!


Okay so personally, I’ve never had so much clothes lined up for me for fittings! It felt totally like OMG I’m a model and this is an official job for all models to do and boy it was so fun! I made new friends, experienced new things and of course try on poses that I didn’t know that it would look better on me!

Overall, from having my own personal makeup artist to having someone to ‘betulkan’ my shawls, it totally just make me feel really loved. But I wouldn’t be able to have done all this without the great team! The rest were so friendly and constantly making the atmosphere lively and totally not awkward at all even tho it’s my first time there, thank you so much you alls! Insha Allah till we meet again!

With Sis Fathanah

Ouh and yes not forgetting the one who first noticed me! Say hello to sis Fathanah! The lovely lady behind!

So this blog post is dedicated to you sis! For giving me the opportunity to model the collections and as well as to work closely with the team! It’s really a great experience for me as I gained new knowledge and exposures from this #MadeInSG photo shoot! Insha Allah this will open more doors and new opportunities for me in the near future!

So tadaaa this concludes the end of my blog and to all those out there reading this blog and is wondering how it feels like to model and is totally shy, just don’t be okay! Go on! Just do whatever makes you happy and if there’s rezeki insha Allah you alls will get one! Don’t worry, the world has plenty for you all to discover. You just have to go and search for it!



#MadeInSG Part I

#MadeInSG Part I

Hello hello, okay wait. OMG!!

Did you know that I was actually selected as a model? Like twice? But I had to reject one as both photo shoot happens to be on the same date. Okay so anyway I’ll be sharing with you guys my modelling experience at my FIRST EVER photo shoot with Tashkila SG!


#MadeInSG Model Search 

So apparently I came across this above picture on Instagram a few many times as my followers reposted it. And that got me curious, so I decided to check it out.


Ever wondered what models have to go through for a photoshoot? How it feels like to have your make up done professionally? The experience of being a model itself?

Ladies here’s your only chance to get as close to be one! Our #MADEINSG are finding new faces to wear proudly our local labels collection from


Don’t worry ladies it’s gonna be fun and you need no experience to be part of this! Try your luck who knows you’ll be the one. Simply repost this and tagged us and you will get our attention!

Hijabi and non-hijabis are welcomed! Allowance and lunch are provided and sweet desserts by @rosette_artistry also hehe! Free gifts from the local label as well! Indoor photoshoot on the 22 October 2016 (east location). 3 winners will be announced on the 20th October! GOOD LUCK GIRLS!

Andddd yup as usual I joined in the search. To be honest I was actually hoping so much that they’ll actually like finally notice me and pick me even though I know there’s more other prettier ladies participated too. Yet I still try my luck!



 🔸 #MADEINSG MODEL SEARCH has ended! We are in the midst of shortlisting 10 participants to come for a casting on the 21st October, Friday 6-8PM. We will DM you ladies by tomorrow morning insyAllah

🔸#MADEINSG Official Launch on the 2nd November, 3 local designers will be pioneering in this adventure! If you are a local designer or have your own label, do email to us

So this post came in and OMG I was so nervous to whether I’m in the Top 10 or otherwise not. And I was secretly wishing that they’ll pick me and I still keep on hoping. Well they mentioned by morning right? Well morning past by and I still received no news from them. And  I nearly give up as you know, probably I didn’t make it but boy was I wrong!


I mean I was more than happy to read this, like OMG FINALLY!! Someone actually notice me heheheh. And of course I said YES!

Okay that’s my outfit for the casting. And though I came a lil late for the casting (thanks uh to hubby for his meeting), I was still nervous ahaha. I don’t even know what I’m supposed to do again. But I do remembered there’s another 2 ladies before me and they somehow gave me an idea on what I’m supposed to do. Well, that is to pose for the camera!

Boy, it’s my turn! Okay I was actually lost and deep down I feel like ‘can I just go home and not do this?’ ahahaha. But my heart just want to go for it! I mean it’s my first time and I still want to give my best to them! I still want to try my luck for the Top 3 actually!



It took us quite some time to decide and finally here are the new faces for #MADEINSG 🎊🎉 Congratulations to the 3 ladies, we will contact you shortly!

Thank you to those who have participated in our Model Search! We are truly humbled by the overwhelming response, and surely we’re gonna do it again insyAllah! Keep yourself updated okay!


I actually made it to the Top 3! Okay I was actually shopping at the supermarket when this news came in, boy I screamed of joy! But too bad I didn’t have a slight hint of embarrassment cause I’m just too happy at the news! I finally made it through to be their #MadeInSG Model! It’s to be honest, it’s my first ever successful model search and photo shoot! Boy I’m too proud of myself!

Ahahahaha okay so that’s all for now! Stay tune for the Part II of #MadeInSG!!