#MadeInSG Part III

#MadeInSG Part III


Modest Fashion Photoshoot

Modest Fashion Photoshoot

Just as promise, here a collage of the pictures from the recent photo shoot.  I’m terribly sorry for the hold up. Been extremely busy lately! So the location for this photo shoot was at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, both indoor and outdoor. For both shoot, the pictures were taken by the great photographer @_MONOSG!

I’m actually in love with this first photo shoot. The feeling of staying modern yet modest in style while shopping in the heart of the MBS. My extra big love goes to @LuvNaf_SG for the lovely pleated skirt and the stunning statement necklace.

For this last photo shoot, it’s more of the outdoor feel and I’ve decided to style something simple. This babydoll top is from Afrilia’s Closet. The beautiful details on the sleeves made it even more feminine like.

So what’s your thought on this pictures? Let me know in the comment section below!



#MadeInSG Part II

#MadeInSG Part II

Hello again!

I’m extremely sorry for the holding you alls on the part 2 of #MadeInSG! Having an extra hard time to balance between blogging and family ahhah. My lil girl’s now at her milestone of 6 months and a week old so yup, you know… Okay anyway lets get back to the main point.

So just a little background information, the whole photo shoot session is expected to be from 11 am to 5 pm and I had to be there by 9.30 am for my makeup and fittings. But guess what? Me and hubby reached there at almost 8.30 am! An hour early from my expected timing. so as usual we headed down for just a breakfast for two! Okay anyway lets skip to the make up time!

“Did you alls see my transformations?? I mean OMG I can’t believe that that’s me right there before and after!”

With Sis Yumi

But this is all thanks to sis Yumi for her magic hands! And I must say that she’s the best local makeup artist hands down! Her works, there are all talented and amazing! You can take a look at her Instagram page @yumiayummi ! Trust me when I say that she’s very talented!

And yes! I did manage to snap a picture with her! The makeup artist behind my face! A wife and mummy of 3 boys (and psst she’s expecting a 4th child too!) Gosh, she’s the best! Hehehhe I wish the best for you and your family! and please please ignore my messy hijab!

Okay back to the blog post please ..

One of the shot from #MadeInSG Photo shoot

“So what’s it like to be the model?”

So as you all know, this photo shoot is actually my first photo soot ever! And I’m so proud of myself that I managed to make it to this far! I admit I’m really a newbie in this photo shoot thingy but I’m super grateful to have a lovely team that supports and motivates me all the way! That including the 2 other gorgeous ladies that I’ve gained experiences and exposures from! From posing to standing posture, I’ve watched and learned from the experienced ones! It’s all about stepping out of my comfort zone and just have fun with the camera! Doesn’t matter who’s watching! And most importantly I’ve learnt that in modelling, it doesn’t matter if you’re on the better at right side or left. You have to showcase both sides of you if you want to be the IT!

Okay so anyway let’s start at the top; At first I was feeling extra nervous as I keep having this thought that I’ll screwed something up ahahah or I wouldn’t be able to do a good job. But yet I keep my smile on and with my positive attitude of course!

Since I arrived a bit earlier than expected, I immediately felt welcome! The first model sis Mahirah and the others greeted and welcomed me inside! I must tell you boy I’m so happy that I’ve forgotten about my fear! Even more happy after I had my makeup done by sis Yumi! Boy you alls should have seen me that moment! I kept on fangirling about my makeup throughout the photo shoot! And even afterwards! But anyway my fear came back the minute the photo shoot starts!

You know, I was the first one to model for the piece that I’m wearing. And I thought that I did a good job but gosh I was proved wrong! The other 2 models are actually more experienced than me! From the way the posed to the way they stand or the camera, I was at lost. But I’m so thankful that they didn’t make me feel bad, they taught me and guided me through! Even the photographer let me modeled for the second time hahahah. And you can tell that I enjoyed myself throughout! While modeling, I get to learned new tips and tricks with models Mahirah and Aysha!


Okay so personally, I’ve never had so much clothes lined up for me for fittings! It felt totally like OMG I’m a model and this is an official job for all models to do and boy it was so fun! I made new friends, experienced new things and of course try on poses that I didn’t know that it would look better on me!

Overall, from having my own personal makeup artist to having someone to ‘betulkan’ my shawls, it totally just make me feel really loved. But I wouldn’t be able to have done all this without the great team! The rest were so friendly and constantly making the atmosphere lively and totally not awkward at all even tho it’s my first time there, thank you so much you alls! Insha Allah till we meet again!

With Sis Fathanah

Ouh and yes not forgetting the one who first noticed me! Say hello to sis Fathanah! The lovely lady behind Tashkila.sg!

So this blog post is dedicated to you sis! For giving me the opportunity to model the collections and as well as to work closely with the team! It’s really a great experience for me as I gained new knowledge and exposures from this #MadeInSG photo shoot! Insha Allah this will open more doors and new opportunities for me in the near future!

So tadaaa this concludes the end of my blog and to all those out there reading this blog and is wondering how it feels like to model and is totally shy, just don’t be okay! Go on! Just do whatever makes you happy and if there’s rezeki insha Allah you alls will get one! Don’t worry, the world has plenty for you all to discover. You just have to go and search for it!



#MadeInSG Part I

#MadeInSG Part I

Hello hello, okay wait. OMG!!

Did you know that I was actually selected as a model? Like twice? But I had to reject one as both photo shoot happens to be on the same date. Okay so anyway I’ll be sharing with you guys my modelling experience at my FIRST EVER photo shoot with Tashkila SG!


#MadeInSG Model Search 

So apparently I came across this above picture on Instagram a few many times as my followers reposted it. And that got me curious, so I decided to check it out.


Ever wondered what models have to go through for a photoshoot? How it feels like to have your make up done professionally? The experience of being a model itself?

Ladies here’s your only chance to get as close to be one! Our #MADEINSG are finding new faces to wear proudly our local labels collection from


Don’t worry ladies it’s gonna be fun and you need no experience to be part of this! Try your luck who knows you’ll be the one. Simply repost this and tagged us and you will get our attention!

Hijabi and non-hijabis are welcomed! Allowance and lunch are provided and sweet desserts by @rosette_artistry also hehe! Free gifts from the local label as well! Indoor photoshoot on the 22 October 2016 (east location). 3 winners will be announced on the 20th October! GOOD LUCK GIRLS!

Andddd yup as usual I joined in the search. To be honest I was actually hoping so much that they’ll actually like finally notice me and pick me even though I know there’s more other prettier ladies participated too. Yet I still try my luck!



 🔸 #MADEINSG MODEL SEARCH has ended! We are in the midst of shortlisting 10 participants to come for a casting on the 21st October, Friday 6-8PM. We will DM you ladies by tomorrow morning insyAllah

🔸#MADEINSG Official Launch on the 2nd November, 3 local designers will be pioneering in this adventure! If you are a local designer or have your own label, do email to us marketing@tashkilasg.com

So this post came in and OMG I was so nervous to whether I’m in the Top 10 or otherwise not. And I was secretly wishing that they’ll pick me and I still keep on hoping. Well they mentioned by morning right? Well morning past by and I still received no news from them. And  I nearly give up as you know, probably I didn’t make it but boy was I wrong!


I mean I was more than happy to read this, like OMG FINALLY!! Someone actually notice me heheheh. And of course I said YES!

Okay that’s my outfit for the casting. And though I came a lil late for the casting (thanks uh to hubby for his meeting), I was still nervous ahaha. I don’t even know what I’m supposed to do again. But I do remembered there’s another 2 ladies before me and they somehow gave me an idea on what I’m supposed to do. Well, that is to pose for the camera!

Boy, it’s my turn! Okay I was actually lost and deep down I feel like ‘can I just go home and not do this?’ ahahaha. But my heart just want to go for it! I mean it’s my first time and I still want to give my best to them! I still want to try my luck for the Top 3 actually!



It took us quite some time to decide and finally here are the new faces for #MADEINSG 🎊🎉 Congratulations to the 3 ladies, we will contact you shortly!

Thank you to those who have participated in our Model Search! We are truly humbled by the overwhelming response, and surely we’re gonna do it again insyAllah! Keep yourself updated okay!


I actually made it to the Top 3! Okay I was actually shopping at the supermarket when this news came in, boy I screamed of joy! But too bad I didn’t have a slight hint of embarrassment cause I’m just too happy at the news! I finally made it through to be their #MadeInSG Model! It’s to be honest, it’s my first ever successful model search and photo shoot! Boy I’m too proud of myself!

Ahahahaha okay so that’s all for now! Stay tune for the Part II of #MadeInSG!!


ThinTea Detox Tea 

ThinTea Detox Tea 

Can you guys see how happy and healthy am I now??

And all this is a thank you to Kylie Teo and Thin Tea for the reason why.

Hello my amazing readers, I’m so sorry for being inactive lately and yes I’ve just realized that this post is my first post of this month. Yikes where have I been? Yes, yes I know I’ve been a little too busy here and there and on top of that with my lil’ (but not so baby) princess. Yes she’s at her 4th month this coming few days ahead which will be on the 1st September. I know what you guys are saying, Time really flies fast when you’re busy. Okay so today’s post will be my   O B V I O U S L Y   H O N E S T   and   U N P A I D   review about this Detox and Fat Burn Blend Tea from Thin Tea that I’m drinking currently.

So as a rough background of me recently; many of you guys do know that right now I’m a busy wifey and mummy to my King and lil’ Princess and a soon-to-be-a Nurse (hehehe) Busy as in having to prepare meals and help to clean the house and taking care of my lil’ girl, ya you know those typical “jobs” that us housewives have to do behind the scene. So anyway, it’s really hard for me to work out or gym as easy as I used to. And on top of that I dream of getting back my per-pregnancy body which was to be honest I was at 55kg for 1.60m. Can you imagine how slim and sexy I was before? Imagine me back then as a sexy hourglass. And right now I’m at 68kg for 1.60m which I’ll describe that as the pear like hourglass. Calculate and check the BMI chart to see where I stand before and now.

So anyway I was approached by Kylie a few days (few weeks) back to test and experiment the 14Day ThinTea Detox and Fat Burn Blend Tea. I mean for only 2 weeks? Who wouldn’t want it? So yup obviously I took the chance since it might be an advantage for me to loose weight. This was mentioned and summarized through my Instagram post but on my blog that you will be reading soon is the detailed reviews from the past 1 week.

Below are the 2 pictures I took a few hours before I start my 14 Day journey. You can see the marks/shape of my previously 4 abs pack and now it has been covered by layers of fats. Do take note that this picture was taken while I was at 68kg for 1.60m.

So what happened in the beginning of my journey? Well this doesn’t happened exactly right after my cup, its a few hours after my breakfast that I must say somehow I felt a gust of energy boost that amazingly last me through out the day. What surprised me most is I don’t need much nap while I’m on my journey. And on top of that I don’t need to munch on snacks in between meals as often as I used to before. Wait, no nap, no breaks? How did I managed to get going? Trust me this tea works its own magic! You’d feel the major boost to your energy and metabolism as well but it all depends on how your body works. So ya anyway that’s how I really know that the tea is  E X T R E M L Y  effective in cutting down my appetite for fats to be burn.

And that being said, just take a look at the 2 pictures below, the tea itself is all organic! Which means everything you see inside the bag is 100% natural loose leaves and flowers, totally no chemical at all! And no,it won’t even effect your liver especially and having to go to the toilet after each cup. I’ve been drinking the tea for a week already and I do not have problems going to the toilet every cup. Cause (I’m saying this again) it’s all organic and natural. Can you see how all natural these teas are? It’s not only 100% natural I must say that it’s 101% or what you say 200%(?) and yes you can smell all the herbs and the fresh flower petals inside each bag and I can guarantee you that!

So along the days especially during dinner time, I realized that I don’t ask for second servings much. Even the normal serving that was served to me was already more than enough for me. And I’m telling you this that the tea works wonder! I honestly don’t even need to exercise or workout or even having to hit the gym to be healthy and be in shape. And guessed what, it’s only been a week past that I’ve lost nearly 4kg! I’ve added along the 2 pictures just at the end of his paragraph. So imagine being from 68kg before my journey to at 64kg as of today? A M A Z I N G  R I G H T ?! I’m telling you that it’s 100% effective and not forgetting having to drink fresh leaves from every cup.

Okay, I admit. There not much physical change on my tummy as previouly but I can feel it from myself. Firstly I’m xx times healthier than before like I can feel myself that my toxin somehow has been removed and my fats, well, have they disappeared from me? Not really but I’m able to physically see that I no longer have those extra spare tires hanging out from my tummy. But what about my bloated tummy? Yesh, I’m still working on those stubborn bloating but there’s not much I can do since I’m on Implanon for probably the next 3 years? But hey, that won’t stop me from getting back my per-pregnancy body right?

And secondly, not having to munch on snacks in between meals and yet still having the energy to continue on the day and without naps? Yes that’s a big change for someone like me. It’s healthy that I’m on this journey as I believe those snacks will be my next fats stored inside my tummy if I don’t do anything. And yes of course I’m so proud of myself that I don’t need those extra energy(fats) boost for me to keep going. A big Thank You to Thin Tea for this.

Yes. I’m totally sending my super super big thank you to @kydauzxbodyblendz for sponsoring me with these ThinTea Detox Tea. I’m already satisfied with the effects though it’s only been a week of me consuming the tea and I have another 1 more week to go. Thank you for giving me this morning boost to get my day going.

And by the way, keep an eye out my 2nd post about my Thin Tea review later next week. But you’re most welcome to join me in this journey to a healthier us! Just simply head over to www.kydauz.com and enter this code <NEWME> for 25% off your order for all Thin Tea collections!

Till again,