Ready for your close up? Put your best face forward with these fool-proof selfie tricks.

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Whether you’re showing off your hot new summer haircut, or pulling a friend into the frame to snap a memorable moment, we’ve been there, done that. And since the term “selfie” has been officially added to the dictionary, taking a selfie has never felt so liberating.

There’s no shame in wanting to look your best. From looking for the best lighting to finding your best angles, pay attention to these fool-proof tricks and capture your best selfie ever!

Look for the best lighting

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Have you ever tried taking a selfie using a flash or in a dimly-lit room? One word: unflattering. Having a good light source is important in all sorts of photography, selfies included. Avoid light from the top of your head because it can cast harsh, unflattering shadows on your face. Dark under eye circles made even darker? Nope, no thank you. Make sure that the light source is in front of you and slightly above eye level so that it will accentuate your features with a soft glow.

*Quick tip: Natural light works the best for selfies. Try standing close to a window. It diffuses the natural light which will lighten up and soften your features at the same time.

Set the right scene

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Stay away from backgrounds that will take the focus away from the main subject in your picture (which is you) Choose a clean, neat background free from clutter (or photo-bombers). Alternatively, opt for backgrounds that make for an interesting story. No one needs to see that pile of unwashed clothes in your bedroom, but someone might be intrigued by your summer holiday by the beach.

*Quick tip: When looking for a clean, neat background, try a solid colored wall, or place with a patterned or textured consistency.

Observe the rule of thirds

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The most basic and well known composition principle in photography, applying the rule of thirds provides a visual balance to a photograph. It means that composing your face slightly towards the four corners of the frame could be more appealing than placing it right smack in the middle. In selfie school, this principle comes in especially handy when you have an interesting background.

*Quick tip: Ensure that your eye line is positioned slightly towards any one of the four corners of the frame for better aesthetic impact.

Find your best angle

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Shooting at various angles can dramatically change the way you look in a photo. If you’ve tried taking a selfie from a downward angle, you’d know that finding the best angle is the key! Say goodbye to double chin. Try an eye-level angle for the most natural-looking selfie, or angle your smartphone slightly higher so that your face appears slimmer.

*Quick tip: Extend your neck forward slightly to emphasize your jaw line and eliminate the risk of sporting a double chin.

Use filters to set the mood

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Granted, using filters can effectively improve your features and enhance your looks, but filters can also add an interesting element or “story” to your otherwise plain-looking selfie. Choosing the right filter will help us set the tone, mood and message you’d like to portray, and instantly turn us into an airbrush expert. I have no complaints there. Hint: use

*Quick tip: Warm filters are great to give off a sun-kissed summer vibe or for a sans-makeup look to give yourself a glow. Cool filters deliver a more washed-out appearance, and makes for an icy, sleek image.

Do you happened to have any personal tips for the best selfie? Share with me by commenting in the reply section below!

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