Today I’ll be sharing with you guys a styling tip by WhoWhatWear!

Say hello to your complete guide to “What Shoes to Wear With Your Skinny Jeans”

Well I assume that you’re a fan of skinny jeans, and I assume that you’ve probably faced this dilemma countless of times during your life. That you’ve put together a super-cute outfit with your favorite pair of skin-tight jeans, and you have absolutely no idea what shoes to wear with them.

Depending on the occasion, strappy heels might feel too dressy; a flat sandal can sometimes look too bulky; and you feel like you just can’t pull off a sneaker.

So scroll down for your complete guide to what shoes to wear with skinny jeans!

Classic Sneakers

Arguably the most trend shoe at the moment. The Classic Lace Up Sneaker definitely should have a place in your wardrobe, especially when you paired it with a solid skinny jean! These work well when you’re having a super casual daytime event, or simply running errands in a slouchy T-shirt and jeans!

Flat Sandals 

If you’re heading for brunch or a casual cocktail hour after work, style your skinnies with a pair of flat sandals. A more neutral sandal works well with this jean style to keep your look more simple, but don’t be afraid to step outside the box and sport a pair of statement slides as well!


Yes, those simple flats can be more than just the shoes you wear to and from the office every day. They can also dress up a pair of skinny jeans in a very sleek and simple way. Just opt for a classic pairs for a polished look, or embrace the embellishments and fun textures for an instant skinny-jean upgrade!

 Slip-On Sneakers 

The other major trend shoes right now also happen to look stellar with your pair of skinny. Both the platform and classic styles of the slip-on shoes look sleek when paired with this type of denim. Just feel free to play around with fun colors and prints too! The slip-on world is your oyster!

Strappy Heels

Forgo all other shoe options in favor of those strappy heels. You have a lot of freedom here when it comes to color. Everything from a simple, understated black version to a wild pop of colors or prints, it will work! But just be sure to steer clear of patent and other shiny, potentially inexpensive-looking fabrics.

Classic Pointy Pumps 

If you ever want a sleek and easy way to dress up a pair of skinny jeans, you must definitely reach for your favorite pair of pointy-toe pumps! Black or nude are always the best classic options. But if you want to make more of a statement, definitely reach for a pop of color like red, snakeskin, or cobalt!

Ankle Booties

Here’s a little-known secret exclusively just for you! Ankle boots seem to never be going out of style. This season, opt for fresh styles like all-white, printed, and the best ever classic black. For fit wise, you preferably want a jean that hits right above the top of the boots too!

What is your favorite way to style your skinny jeans? Share with me! Just let me know in the reply section below! 




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