“What topic should I write about?”

We are all always new to something. And when it comes to blogging, I admit I was once a blogging newbie before. It’s always the same questions I get each time I start a draft. What topic should I write about?

Indeed this is the first, and biggest, decision every blogger must make. This will either lead to a blog you’ll love writing or one you painfully regret.

To start a blog is simple, but to keep it alive is challenging. I’ve always had a hard time thinking of topics to write about, a topic that’ll capture my readers (all you guys reading this). There’s so many things out there on the web to talk about and it can be very confusing!

I started my first blog over at Blogger.com (thisismylifesaver.blogspot.sg) back at 2013 but somehow I just didn’t like how my overall looks like, so I stopped. I jumped around a few blogging platforms before I landed myself on WordPress.com (sitiology.wordpress.com). And boy, I’m so glad I’m a WordPress Blogger! It’s by far one of the biggest blogging platforms in the world, with countless plugins and add-ons and almost infinite ways to design and layout your blog. Psst, there are more than 82 million active users of WordPress. That’s a lot, basically.

Okay, let us now get back to my main topic now; Here, I’ve gathered the top trending blog topics that most bloggers write about. 6 Blog Topics That Will Surely Fascinate Your Readers.

  • Give A Piece Of Yourself: Personal life

Everyone has a story to share. Talk about your success, opinions, thoughts, rants, embarrassing moments, and lessons of the day. People love reading about what others have experienced in their lives.

I (must and insist) highly recommend this topic if you’re just starting out your new blog. For one, you can finish your (not-so-much) personal story easily in less than an hour as compared to a topic that requires more brain cells. That will make it faster to push posts out, giving your blog more views. Boost your popularity too by teaching a valuable lesson at the end of each story. Or better yet, crack in some jokes.

  • Eat to live, Live to Eat: Food

It’s incredible how many food blogs exist, and the new ones popping up each day. Whether it’s about strict diets, restaurants, or recipes, food is basically a topic that anyone can relate to. So if you love cooking or eating, this will be a fun and easy topic for you.

Not to mention all the countless stories where stay-at-home moms or solo-entrepreneurs become successful food bloggers. If you wish to be like them, be sure you have enough money to cover your utility bills and rent; it can be quite an investment. But if you like to build a cult following for your blog, you’ll need to one, up against thousands of other food bloggers. Share your insight, provide new ideas, and most importantly, be involved with your readers. Because in this modern era, social relationships is key to a blog’s success.

  • Around the World: Travel

Who doesn’t enjoy traveling, much less, sharing their experience?

Post your photos, talk about your exciting adventures, and showcase the hotspots that you’ve been to. You’ll bring a whole new experience to readers from a fresh first person’s perspective. That’s something where the Travel Channel cannot even offer to their premium customers.

Now, not many people can write about this topic. Traveling is I admit a luxurious activity. Imagine all the money that’s needed to cover the air flight, hotel, food, and not to forget, shopping needs. That’s exactly what every person dreams of having. And if they can’t get it, they’ll have to do the next best thing: read about it.


  • The Critiquer: Product reviews

For instant. Before you buy something online, you would rely on product reviews to make your final decision. Right? With the online market growing exponentially fast, this is a great topic to jump in, especially if you like to critique about products that you love and hate.

It’s no surprise that more and more people are blogging into this field. However, this topic isn’t suited for just anyone. You can write good reviews, but the ones people trust are the ones that can sell. So if persuasive writing is one of your strong traits, you can definitely pass for a critiquer and get more people back on your blog to hear your opinions.



  • Staying in Style: Fashion

Fashion is, by and large, the fastest market to change. The underlying fact is, people want to look good, which is why fashion is a multi-billion dollar industry and why you should consider this topic!

Talk about the trendy styles of the month or what you thought of Miss America’s dress. If you like, you can even splurge at the mall, take pictures of your new outfits, and share it with the world. I bet you any fashion fanatic would want to read it!

  • Being a Mentor: How-To Guides

The phrase, “how to,” is one of the most common search terms that people ask. Often, they like to take matter into their own hands without relying on anyone. The only problem with most how-to guides out there is that they’re either outdated or confusing. (Yup!)

If you like helping others and are a natural at giving clear instructions, you’d be adding values to your community. And add on to that, your reputation as well. You’ll stand out as the authority who people will look up to for help. Plus, if your content exceeds expectations, it’ll more likely get bookmarked, shared, perhaps even looked back years later.

Found any that caught your interest? If not, here’s more topics that you might want to look into.

  • Ideas Generator — People are pretty lazy or just don’t have time when it comes to brainstorming ideas. Throw them 50 crazy birthday party ideas or think of 70 ways to make small talk with a stranger. Work those creative juices of yours!
  • Do It Yourself (DIY) — Want to show everyone your dainty handicrafts? You’ll inspire people to take arts & craft in your “class.”
  • Novels/Books — Keep the book tradition alive. Share the latest novels with enthusiastic readers, or promote your book.
  • Photography — What’s more pleasing, a blog with 1,000 words or crystal clear high-quality photos? Impress people with your camera skills. You might win the award for Saveur’s “Best Photography” blog.
  • Relationships — Whether it’s friends, family, your boss, your boyfriend/girlfriend, people you admire, people you despise, this topic will always spark everyone’s interest.
  • News — Find yourself always the first to spill out the news? Why not set up your own little blog news station? With the newer generations now reading everything online, you’ll have the upper hand.
  • Sports — Whether you’re into basketball, golf, or martial arts, shout out your favorite teams or share your thoughts on who the best players are. You’ll stir up a crowd.
  • Technology — Believe technology will change the world? So does a lot of techies and engineers, and not to mention all the kids growing up with Iphones and tablets.
  • Health — Modern trends are leaning towards good health. Organic, all natural, fat-free, without pesticide, grass fed, whole wheat, wild caught, just to name a few. Be a health advisor and inform everyone how to live better, and longer.
  • Career — Have the most awesome job in the world? Tell everyone about your work life, the relationships you’ve formed, and what motivates you to succeed. They’ll wish they had your life.
  • Self-Improvement — Life is always about improvement. No matter what situation people are in, everyone wants to be better. Help them out, and when you need it, they’ll help you.
  • Fictional Stories — If you’re full of imagination and can’t resist writing, write a story. People love reading stories from enthusiastic writers.


And that’s it! I’m more than confident that your first blog post should now be finished and ready to go, and all that should have been really damn easy (unlike my first time, lucky you!).

If by some unfortunate circumstance you get stuck or have any questions for me, just get in touch with me or leave a comment below. I’ll be more than happy to help you out with any problems.

Enjoy your new blog!







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