OMG Where Have I Been ??

I know, I’ve been extremely quite here on my blog and I’m terribly sorry for the lack of updates. But no worries, you can always find me on my Instagram page as I’m very more active there.

What’s my update for this month? 

  • OMG I can’t believe that I’m in so much collaborations and partnerships with other names and brands. Yup that explains the reason for my lack of updates here. You can scroll down through my Instagram account for more!
  • Did I say that I’m a member of the Blogger Babes?? Yikes I’m so proud of myself hehehehhe. Tell me you’ve heard of Blogger Babes.
  • If you’ve been through my Instagram, you’d know that me and my hubby have both created CO5MOBySnS! It’s my idea to open up an online store for all highly raved US makeups and to gather all makeup lovers together! Do support us as the small profit goes into the savings of our lil princess! PS. I’m still in the mist of getting a personalised website up.

A quick update on me; Say hello to the new me!!

Yes yes I’ve dyed my old brown copper hair to fierce red! 




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