How did you get your hands on the forever fast-selling celebrity’s lipstick line?

My answer: E A S Y 🙊😂

So I read through a local beauty blogger by Winter Chee about some tips for successfully getting those highly coveted Lipkits and these are some of her tips! (It’s a bit outdated as the post was published around end May but get the ideas)

  • Sit beside your wifi modem! No joke, I literally sat beside my modem at 3am praying to all heavens that there would not be a power trip in the next 30 mins. You will need the fastest connection to get first in line at the payment & processing section aka the two pages where you can literally get a heart attack because it is THAT INTENSE. The site has improved tremendously, there is now a “queue” line & it did not crash like crazy compared to the first few restocks.
  • Wake up 10 minutes before the restock time. If you live in Singapore, be prepared to wake up in the middle of the night because this is a US based company and ya know, the time difference jazz. Use that 10 minutes to freshen up & get all your cards/address details/browsers ready because THIS IS WAR!! Refresh your page at exactly the restock time so you will be the first few on the page.
  • Have the list of products ready. Depending on your internet speed, for me, it is actually faster to open separate tabs of the shades that I am getting and adding it to cart compared to using the “Quick View” method. There will be tons of people trying to buy through the quick view so it actually lags up the first page of the site. Going into the individual page is actually faster in terms of loading speed & adding the product to cart.
  • Buy the highly coveted shades first. From my research, Heir (metals), all three glosses (Like, Literally & So Cute), Candy K, Koko K, Posie K, Dolce K & 22 sell out faster than the rest. High fashion shades like True Brown K, King K & Kourt K took 30 minutes to sell out the last time. So plan your time wisely!
  • Shipping. Kylie Cosmetics offers direct shipping so I would highly recommend this because the order processing takes forever & all you want is to receive your babies ASAP.

  • Breathe. LOL. This is legit. I realised I held my breath for almost 20 seconds while the payment page was processing. All I had in mind was “PLEASE PROCESS MY PAYMENT I NEED THIS!!!” My desperation level was evident, I mean… who wakes up at 3am for liquid lipsticks?! You do not want to faint before you get to the glorious page.

So there you go, all those bits and pieces of the tips on getting the Kylie Lipkit. So continue and follow my blog for more updates guys!

Till again



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