“Why must you apply makeup all the time? Who are you trying to impress? You’re just showing off and wants attention! You just edit your pictures to make it nicer!”

feat. NYX Lip Lingerie in Embellishment and Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black


So this post is to clarify for you guys out there my reasons why I put on so much makeups.
Yes okay there’s nothing wrong in loving my own natural beauty and yes I get it, I must embrace it. But what can I say? I just love makeups and I loving seeing myself more happy and polished. And yes okay I’m inspired to be a self-taught makeup artist (Insha Allah my Rezeki one day) and plus it taught me to be more comfortable and confident now with or without makeup on. And all those pictures on both my Instagram accounts are just purely edited via Vsco (if you have not tried Vsco obviously you don’t know about that) So it’s totally okay for me to put on makeups as thick as a cake (okay maybe not that thick)

Yes on the side note it’ll bring me more blemishes and breakouts and stuffs but my answer: simply it didn’t. Yes the reason why my skin is naturally baby smooth is cause makeup reminds me that I have to clean it off with facial wash every single night

So if some of you guys are still unhappy or not convinced by that, please feel free to just say it out to my face.

To most of you who complimented me on my makeup hehehehhe thank you so much babes. I promise to try be better (hehehe ya I shy lah but I appreciate all those words)

Xoxo 💋

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