Hey guys, guess what I’m Back!

Okay firstly I realised that it’s been a year plus since my last update and I apologised for being MIA/Hiatus without informing. And not only that I realised I’ve removed all my previous post except for the most recent one. So anyway since I’m back, I’ll be updating with you guys slowly about what’s going on with my life now.
If you guys followed me on my Instagram (@sitiology) you’d know that there’s several updates in my life now.

Siti Nur Syaqilah binte Muhammad Irfan Shah

Say hello to Siti Nur Syaqilah Binte Muhammad Irfan Shah! She’s born on 1st May 2016 at 14:41. Seriously speaking I really love her details, as in her birthdate and time. And by calculations as of today, she’ll be a month old in a few days time. Yes time really flies so fast now and I really can’t wait to see her grow up! She’s such a little cutie!

Secondly with the little princess now, I’m actually engaged with Muhammad Irfan Shah, yes the same man that’s been with me through thick and thins since 2013 (read through my previous post for more) And yes that also means that I’m living with him under the same roof and I do not have to say goodbyes to him anymore! It was a really a wonderful feeling that I’m actually his property (hehehehhe) and with that yup I really can’t wait to have a wedding with him and a house with him and my baby girl as well

Okay so far that’s all for now. I’ll see you guys on my next update!



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